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The Leaders

Ashley price

Ashley Price

Ashley is a software engineer at a startup in Austin where she does full stack development with a specialization in front-end. As a testament to her love of teaching, Ashley presented the introductory and data structures recitations for the duration of her college career. She's excited to participate in the organization as a local chapter leader and grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women as a GDI instructor.

Cecy correa

Cecy Correa

Cecy is a creative with a heart of code. She is currently obsessed with responsive web design and frontend development. She is co-organizer of Refresh Austin, where she leads speaker programming. In her spare time, Cecy likes to hang out with her 3 pet bunnies and 2 pet chickens.


The Instructors

Garann means

Garann Means

Garann is a JavaScript developer, author, and speaker. She began building websites back in the 90s, and used to be in charge of volunteers for a whole GeoCities neighborhood. After working as a .NET and Java developer, she began doing front-end development full-time in 2008, and started dabbling in Node.js way back around its 0.2.x release. She also organizes the Austin All-Girl Hack Night, is remodeling a house, and loves tomatoes.

Patty cifra

Patty Cifra

Patty is a full stack software engineer with a focus on front end development at Spanning Cloud Apps. Prior to joining the start up world, she worked at larger companies such as IBM and Schlumberger with a wide range of technologies and applications. Her current interests include mobile development and reading up on the latest web technology hotness. When she is not coding, you will find her stuffing her face, booking random trips out of the country and watching horrible shows on tv.

Sophie shepherd

Sophie Shepherd

Sophie is designer at Happy Cog's Austin office. Her love of beautiful design is only overshadowed by her passion for websites that are simple, easily navigable, and full of necessary, applicable content. When not in front of a screen, Sophie enjoys cooking, riding her bike, road trips, and camping.

Elyse holladay

Elyse Holladay

Elyse is a developer/designer who spends most of her time writing Sass and HTML. She worked for Bazaarvoice creating standardized CSS templates for Ratings & Reviews and is now a Princess of Sass at Square Root building the front-end framework for their flagship application. Elyse is a MakerSquare mentor, has a GIF for every occasion, loves makeup, shoes, and good wine, and believes there isn't enough purple on the web.

Kassandra perch

Kassandra Perch

Kassandra is a Javascript/Node.js developer living in Austin, TX. Her hobbies include crafting, makerbots, and robotics. She is, above all else, an unrepentant javascript addict.