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Misty Melton

Misty Melton

As founder of the Baltimore and DC chapters of Girl Develop It Misty is dedicated to the mission of bringing more women and girls into the world of technology. She is also a founding member of DCFemTech, a collective of leaders in the WIT community in the DC region. Misty is committed to not only bridging the gender gap and creating an industry that welcomes diversity but to creating a culture of giving back and using technology to accomplish missions focused on social good. She believes wholeheartedly in knowledge sharing and collaborating with communities and organizations working toward the same goal.

In addition to her WIT work, Misty also runs coding clubs, including mentoring a Technovation Challenge team, and volunteers with STEM middle school programs.

Aside from spreading geek culture as far and wide as she can, Misty spends a ridiculous amount of time reading, hiking, baking, drinking coffee, and thinking about building up the motivation to really learn to play her bass.