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Marianna Budnikova

Marianna Budnikova

Marianna is a Professional Hacker a.k.a. software developer at MetaGeek. She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Boise State University. Marianna loves mobile development and participates in coding events, such as the Bronco Appathon 48-hour mobile app development competition. Inspired to create a supportive community where women of all skills and ages can discover the magic of code, Marianna is super exited to be a part of Girl Develop It.

Sharky Jacaway

Sharky Jacaway

Sharky started working with databases in the early 80’s. She has done everything from data entry, to working on a global multi-company team to build a data dictionary architecture for exchanging technical specifications, to working as an enterprise level data architect for a Fortune 50 company.

Sharky has an M.S. in Software Engineering, and is currently working as a PERL programmer with the team that is responsible for bringing data from hundreds of different sources into our system on a daily basis.

Sharky's data motto is “Having no data is better than having bad data!”

But it’s not all data and no play! Sharky enjoys 3D printing, building robots for local competitions, and when the weather is nice, flat water kayaking.