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Chapter Leaders


Annette Arabasz

Annette Arabasz is a developer with a background in graphic design. She joined GDI because she wants to show women that coding can be fun, rewarding and not scary. She is excited about the idea of creating a community in which women of all ages and backgrounds can turn to for knowledge, encouragement and support from other women.

She attended Hartford Art School and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, graduating in Graphic Design & Letterform with a Business minor. She is currently a Creative Technologist at Mad*Pow in Boston.


Elizabeth Long

Elizabeth Long made the transition into the tech industry in 2014. Her prior to her experience is in legal administration and non-profit management. After taking classes through GDI and completing the intensive product and design program at Startup Institute in Boston she's found a job she loves as an Application Specialist for MOCA Systems. When she is not at work she can be found at the gym, doing yoga, cooking healthy food and exploring the beautiful city of Boston.


Laura Vecchio

For Laura Vecchio, web development was love at first sight. After writing her first lines of code while pursuing a Marketing degree from Bentley University, she knew she was destined to be a geek. After Bentley, her desire to live at the intersection of marketing and technology fueled her to pair her business background with a Web Development Certificate from Boston University's CDIA. She has since worn many hats in the tech industry including social media marketer, digital strategist and now works as a front-end engineer at Bose Corporation. As the head of curriculum and as a core teacher with Girl Develop It, Laura is excited to instill her passion and energy for technology in the women of the Boston area.


The Instructors


Amber Stubbs

Amber Stubbs has a Ph.D in Computer Science and works as a researcher studying how to teach computers to understand human language. In the fall of 2013, she'll be an adjunct professor at Simmons College in Boton.

She joined GDI because she loves how much computer programming enables her to do, both for work and for fun, and she's excited to have the opportunity to teach women of all ages and backgrounds the skills they need to use computers effectively.


Amanda Cheung

Amanda Cheung is a front end developer at DockYard, a web and mobile web app consultancy based in Boston. Amanda grew up in Boston and went to school at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where she studied fine arts with concentrations in painting and graphic design. After graduating she started taking web development classes at night while working as a graphic designer. She has been doing front end programming ever since and loves it! She joined GDI because she wants others to have just as much fun doing work as she does.


Corina Acosta

Corina Acosta loved to code the minute she made a turtle move across the screen with GOTO statements in the 7th grade. Without any female role models to encourage her to focus on computers, her love of code remained dormant while she went on to pursue a professional career in Dance and Musical Theater. She eventually returned to her love of Technology and pursued a B.S. in Computer Science at California State University, Northridge. She has since developed a career in Web Development spanning over 10 years and is currently part of an innovative team at Berklee Online, the extension school for Berklee College of Music. Corina has a desire to inspire and encourage other women to pursue technology with the hope of closing the gender gap that exists in STEM occupations and education. She's excited to be both a Teacher and Leadership Board Member at Girl Develop It, encouraging women of all backgrounds to learn technology one line of code at a time.