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Chapter Leaders


Kate Bierbaum

Kate is a software developer who has been writing code for over a decade. She caught the coding bug in high school making websites for fun and hasn't stopped since. After making it formal by studying Computer Science & Mathematics at Dickinson College, Kate is now a professional developer who has worked at various start-ups in Washington D.C. and Boulder, CO. In her spare time she enjoys hiking with her dog and cycling.

In addition to being Boulder's Co-Leader, Kate teaches our Introduction to Javascript & jQuery class & also TAs our HTML/CSS classes.


Teri Charles

Teri is a Software Tester with over 10+ years experience. In 2013, she made the decision
that it was really time to learn how to code (after numerous unsuccessful attempts).
Imagine her delight when she heard that a new group called GDIBoulder was starting up.
She attended their first class, "Beginning HTML/CSS", and hasn't looked back! Over
GDIBoulder's first year, Teri has taken just about every class/workshop they've offered,
has learned to build her own website, is now learning JavaScript, and has even taught a GDI
workshop on "Introduction to Programming Concepts (for True Beginners)"!
When not testing software or learning how to code it, Teri loves living in Boulder,
hanging out with good friends, loves books, old movies, a rainy day sitting in a coffee
shop (which are a precious few in Colorado!), and believes in never stop learning new things.

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Cara Jo Miller

Cara Jo is a Boulder transplant by way of Detroit, where she helped start the Girl Develop It's Detroit chapter. She coded her first website back in 1996, which was a gallery for her Pokemon drawings. After moving to Detroit, she moved beyond HTML/CSS to PHP and while simultaneous becoming obsessed with WordPress. After five years of urban living in Detroit, Cara Jo decided mountain living was for her. She'd heard the tech and startup scenes in Boulder were great and decided to take the plunge out west. She now wrangles pixels and writes code as the Senior Designer for the DataStax training team. Getting more women involved in tech has always been one of Cara Jo's passions, and that's what she brings to Boulder.

In addition to being Boulder's Co-Leader, Cara Jo teaches Introduction & Intermediate HTML/CSS classes, & various workshops.


The Instructors


Caitlin McKenna

Caitlin is a Reed College graduate and Boulder native. Her first job updating websites was for the Maria Rogers Oral History Program in Boulder, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for the internet as a repository and resource. After working as a waitress, at a newspaper, and for USA Rugby, she took a job as a web developer, where she gets to code every day. Caitlin now divides her time between Insight Designs Web Solutions and her own company, DMCK Designs, which produces mathematical scarves for chic geeks. In her free time, Caitlin bakes paleo muffins, plays pool competitively, and takes her hounddog on drags.

Caitlin Teaches our Intro to Bootstrap class as well as TAs our HTML/CSS classes.


Debra Zapata

Debra is originally from Bolivia but loves living in Boulder. She was among the many that first learned about building websites back in the 90s (thank you Geocities) and continued to learn throughout college moving on to HTML/CSS. She recently attended RefactorU to fast track her programming skills and is super excited to help out with GDI Boulder. Her other passions include crafting and reading sci-fi/fantasy young adult novels. Bring on the sparkly vampires!

Debra Teaches our HTML/CSS Classes


Nick Lang

Nick lives in Pine, Colorado working remotely for Docker, specializing in the development and deployment of Python web applications using the Django web framework. Nick's work sees him contributing open source projects in all areas of web development. From Bootstrap CSS scaffold plugins for Django to presenting on using Salt as a configuration management tool with Django deployments. Nick has earned experience in all areas of building, deploying and maintaining websites.

Nick's other great passion is ultra-running, a pursuit characterized by dedication, determination and a disregard for pain and self preservation. So passionate is Nick, that he is the co-founder and creator of TreadHub, a website dedicated to runners to plan, track and share their training.


Weston Platter

Weston fell in love with software when his friends showed him how to dream with code. He works as a freelance developer in Boulder leveraging Ruby, Javascript, iOS, and servers. He is involved with GDI because he wants to help others dream with code.


Rachel Vecchitto

Rachel is a web developer who's been building things on the internet since 2003. Currently employed by Etsy, she's also worked at, the New York Times, and a few startups that didn't start. She moved to Boulder in 2011 and spends her spare time skiing, climbing and generally hanging out in the mountains

Rachel teaches our Introduction to Javascript & jQuery classes, TAs our HTML/CSS classes, & organizes Code & Coffees.


The Volunteers

Andrew lampert grey large 360

Andrew Lampert

Andy has been in the web industry for over 3 years and before he got into web development, he was an IT translator in Japan. He is an avid reader, enjoys a good hackathon, and loves nothing more than geeking out about Japanese grammar.