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Lena Levine

Lena Levine is a web designer with a passion for beautiful typography, architecture and clean code. While obtaining her degree in Computer Science in Russia, she was always sensitive about the lack of women in technology programs. She is really excited to be a part of GDI team and to share its core goals and values. Her goal is to create a supportive community in Buffalo for women of all ages, and to show that coding can be fun and fascinating, and that it's never "too late to learn."

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Quintessence A.

Quintessence is a cloud engineer who enjoys astronomy, physics, and mathematics. While working through her Bachelors in Mathematics and Physics at SUNY University at Buffalo, she started slowly transitioning to working more with software development until it became her full time career. Due to a lifelong interest in STEM, she has always been very sensitive to the fact that cis- and trans- women are both severely underrepresented in these fields and is working to proactively change that in the local community.


Jessica Tornabene

Jessica Tornabene discovered her love of programming while studying Electrical Engineering at the University at Buffalo, solving programming puzzles was just more fun than Christmas Tree circuits. Her first career opportunity out of college provided her with a wealth of experience, the majority of which focused on relational databases and SQL. As part of Girl Develop It, she is so excited to share her experience and get more women involved in technology. She is the only female developer at her company and would love to see that change! Outside of work and programming, Jessica loves Zumba, running, crafts, and anything outdoors.

Katie barnum

Katie Barnum

Katie Barnum is a front-end web developer with a background in graphic design and typography. She became interested in development when she was put in charge of the company website at her first job and started learning HTML and CSS. The rest is history. Katie now works at the University at Buffalo as a web developer, specializing in WordPress. When not in front of the computer, she enjoys rowing, photography, craft beer, and snowboarding.