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Upcoming Events


The Leaders


Becky Blank

Becky Blank is a project manager & technical analyst currently putting her love of tech to good use at Ample. She takes bizarre pleasure in details and technical documentation. She has a passion for all things culinary, memorizing song lyrics, and her boxer Emma.


The Organizers

Cincystartup 16

Amy Ashworth

GDI Cincinnati's Class Organizer, Amy Ashworth, has a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience, but more recently has graduated from the introductory front-end courses offered by the Cincinnati chapter of GDI. She made a career switch from research scientist to a front-developer at BlackbookHR, where she spends most of her time developing beautiful web apps. After jumping one letter down in the STEM acronym, Amy enjoys giving back the GDI community that made technology accessible. She has a passion for ferrets, learning and cartoons.


Jen Martin

Jen Martin is a Sales Manager at Quotient Technologies (formally serving customers on the East coast. As the former Chapter Leader in Atlanta, Jen was ecstatic to have the opportunity to be reunited with Girl Develop It in Cincinnati. As the Event Chair she is excited to fuel her love of technology, event planning, and a good theme party. Let's get this party started.


The Instructors


Catherine Meade

Catherine Meade is currently an apprentice web developer at Sparkbox. She has a B.S.A. in Art Education from Miami University and spent nearly three years working for Cincinnati start-up ChoreMonster. Catherine has a strong passion for education and enjoys teaching in her free time. Other hobbies include reading, tabletop games, video games, and boffer sports.


Eric Boggs

Eric Boggs is a web developer for Rockfish. He spends most of his time developing user interfaces and thinking about how people interact with websites. He is a Marine Corps veteran and is a co-founder of A Voice for the Innocent, a local non-profit. When he's not working, you can find him growing out his beard and hanging out with his dog.


John Back

John Back is a web developer based in Cincinnati, OH. He currently works as lead engineer for Casamatic. John is active in the startup community. John enjoys living in downtown Cincinnati, competitive kickball, and being a vegetarian.


Julie Niesen Gosdin

Julie Niesen Gosdin has been around the internet before anyone called it that (and way before it was "social"). She's the writer of a local food blog, wine me, dine me and a speaker on topics including social media, educational technology and food. She's particularly passionate about the transformation of learning through technology, and using CMS and LMS systems to that end. She received an M.Ed. from Xavier University and a B.A. from University of Cincinnati, which means she is very confused during the Crosstown Shootout.

Lisa mieskoski

Lisa Mieskoski

Lisa Mieskoski is a Content Engineer & SEO Specialist at Empower MediaMarketing. She spends her days knee deep in analytics, trying to understand user behavior and figuring out the best equation to get websites found in search results. When she’s not reverse engineering the web, Lisa likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine while attempting to convince the nice people of Cincinnati that Cleveland is just as amazing.


Taylor MacDonald

Taylor MacDonald is a full-stack, open-source web developer in Cincinnati, OH. In his current role leading technology at Ample, he spends most of his time writing Ruby to solve complex problems. When not writing code, you’ll find Taylor at home with his beautiful family where he enjoys brewing beer, gardening and crafting sophisticated culinary fare that his toddler refuses to eat.


The Volunteers


Angela Lyman

Angela Lyman is a volunteer for GDI. She has always been a big believer in the value of education, helping others and the strength of girl power. Growing up in Australia and attending an all girls boarding school, she is aware of the value of women learning together. So becoming a part of the GDI team in Cincinnati was a natural for her. While new to the technology realm, Angela has a background in training and marketing working in a variety of industries, from automotive to legal to medical devices.


Amy Beam

Amy is a mobile focused product owner with a developer background.She spends her day seeking the intersection of happy users, happy developers, and happy clients. When she leaves the office her passion for connecting people to technology gets a little more playful when she spends time judging robotic competitions for the FIRST Lego League. In the warmer months you might find her spending time out on the farm participating in a CSA or biking around town trying out the latest BBQ place.


Danielle Stout

Danielle is a former student of Girl Develop It Columbus. Thanks to that knowledge and the need to find a new job when moving back to the Cincinnati area in 2014, she converted to a career in front-end development, after having worked in digital marketing for six years. Danielle now lives on the south side of Cincinnati (aka Northern Kentucky) with her long-time boyfriend and two dogs -- a corgi/husky mix and beagle mix. You might catch her outside of GDI at a concert or musical and on Xbox Live.

Sarah sachs

Sarah Sachs

Sarah Sachs is a frontend developer currently working at Cardinal Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio. She believes being a developer is a lifelong learning process and revels in picking up new languages and sharing useful advice. When she’s not behind the computer, Sarah enjoys going out to the movies with her husband, hiking with her dogs, and reading comic books.