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The Leaders


Jan Dennison

Jan is a Web Developer who loves both coding and design, and delights in bridging the two worlds. After working as a research scientist, Jan transitioned into web design, followed by front-end coding, and recently into full stack development. Jan is passionate about building thoughtful user experiences online and empowering communities offline.


Caitlin Steinert

Caitlin Steinert is a Front End Developer working for Cardinal Solutions in Columbus. She has been messing around with HTML and CSS since middle school, and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Caitlin is passionate about sharing her love for front end development, and tech in general, with anyone willing to listen. She spends her free time hanging out with friends and family and hanging upside down from the nearest trapeze.


The Instructors


Rachel Slaby

Rachel Slaby is a Ruby on Rails Developer at JP Morgan Chase. She loves learning and sharing that knowledge with others. When she's not attending hack nights or playing video games, Rachel's favorite thing to do is research new hobbies which currently include bonsai, silver smithing, pysanky, nail art, and crafting cosmetics.


Cindy Payne

Cindy is currently an IT Architect with Nationwide Insurance, but spent most of her career building websites. Software engineering is her second career, after going back to school to get a Computer Science degree 12 years ago. As she was encouraged by a programmer long ago, she teaches and TAs to encourage others to pursue careers in IT. It's never too late!.


Jen Mankin

Jen started coding in her friend's basement over 12 years ago. Initially more interested in web and print design, she nonetheless quickly found her place as a web developer in a Coldfusion shop also becoming familiar with SQL and database design. Besides proficiency in a wide range of client and server languages, Jen has a firm grasp of object-oriented programming concepts. Girl Develop IT combines her love of code with a desire to do meaningful work. She looks forward to meeting fellow females interested in unleashing their inner-geek.


Kim Hamper

Kim started coding in 2011, after a battle with a Thai waterfall left her with a broken leg and a lot of free time. On a whim, she picked up a book on HTML and CSS, started learning, and has yet to turn back. She's now a software engineering graduate student, a freelance web designer, an enthusiastic TA for GDI's classes, and a chapter leader. But mostly, she's still learning. Kim is passionate about building an open, friendly environment where women can discover that same excitement she felt on creating her first website.


Andrea Jessup

Andrea got into programming the way a lot of people do - she wanted a website that didn't exist yet. She was afraid of computers (they are complicated and she always broke them!), and thought coding was some sort of secret magic thing. But a programmer friend showed her Notepad, Firefox, and a tutorial on HTML/CSS, and she made that website herself. Andrea fell in love with coding, and ended up getting a Certificate in Computer Science (along with a BA in Human Geography - yes, that's a real thing). Since then, Andrea has gone back to school, this time adding in .NET and mobile development, while working as a part-time web developer and tutor. She graduated (again) in December of 2012, and moved to Columbus in January of 2013 for her first full-time programming job. She now works as an IT consultant doing mobile and web development.

Andrea started volunteering with GDI because of how she started out. She was 25 when she wrote her first line of code, and she never would have learned if her friend hadn't taken the time to show her where to start, answer her questions when she got stuck, and, most importantly, tell her that she could make a website. Somehow, she thought programmers were just born knowing what to do. She wants everyone to know that programming is just another skill that you can learn (and it's super fun!).


The Volunteers


Carl Tracy

Carl grew up squarely in the rust belt where he started programming on his Atari 800. When he's not cooking food for Girl Develop It members, he helps manage a horse farm and performs some sort of mysterious, complicated job at Nationwide Insurance. You can stop by his house anytime for a ridiculous home cooked meal - although if you're vegan or gluten-free that kinda cramps his style because he puts butter, heavy cream and flour in everything. In his free time, Carl likes to promote science and critical thinking, advocate for the rights of all people, bake, play with his kitten, and write bios in the third person. He promises a big teary-eyed hug to anyone who actually recognizes what his twitter handle means (as long as you're cool with hugs because he realizes not everybody is).