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Chapter Leaders


Erin M. Kidwell

Erin has spent the past 10+ years as a technologist. In addition to being a back-end programmer, she's also managed businesses and non-profits supporting diversity, transparency, and innovation. .

She currently co-leads the GDI NYC chapter and is also the Campus Director of Dev Bootcamp NYC, combining her personal and professional efforts to make technology education accessible to anyone with a desire to learn.


Aurelia Moser

Aurelia is a librarian and developer in NYC. In addition leading NYC's GDI chapter, she teaches metadata and data visualization courses, and develops open source mapping software and data-journo curriculum at CartoDB. In her free time, she contributes to art && code community programs and participates in piles of hackathons for open data and open source programs. Full-stack from data munging to code monkeying, she's happy to geek for social good where possible.


The Instructors


Bethany Macri

Bethany Macri is a Software Engineer on Etsy's Core Platform team. Bethany studied Literature in college, then discovered programming and never turned back. She attended Hacker School in Summer 2012. Bethany loves teaching others how to program and feels confident in everyone's ability to learn how to code. She tweets @BethanyMacri.


Brenda Storer

Brenda is a front-end developer and designer based in New York City, which has been her home for 10 years. She was born and raised in the Silicon Valley and has also lived in London and Italy, but she currently codes for the Levo League, and teaches women how to code for GDI.

Michael angelo

Michael Angelo DeCarlo

Michael Angelo has a passion for marrying artistic creativity and intellect, which took him from a career in performing opera to Frontend Web Development at Time, Inc. As a developer he enjoys fusing those skills to create unique experiences. He believes that understanding where to focus, what the proper tool for the job is, attention to detail, and simplistic and clean UI is often the key to a great product.

Corey n

Corey Nilan

Corey Nilan worked as a speech-language pathologist until she discovered programming and the world of web development, and she never looked back. She loves Ruby and Rails, but JavaScript is making in-roads into her heart. Corey is a web developer for Course Report, helping people find coding bootcamps, and for Nooklyn, helping people find apartments. She also teaches with Girl Develop It and coaches at Dev Bootcamp and loves being able to help other students with their own coding journey.