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Krista Karpan

Krista Karpan

Krista Karpan is an Orange County native, born and raised! Her background is in the field of higher education, but she eventually learned web development when she became frustrated that she did not have the ability to turn her ideas into reality.

In early 2015, Krista and her two friends had an idea for a messenger app that they aptly named Looksie Messenger. They worked tirelessly to bring the app to life and were even featured on Oxygen's "Quit Your Day Job". However, they came to a harsh realization that in order to actually build the app, it would require a lot of money they didn't have to hire a reputable developer. Krista then decided to learn to code herself. While the app idea eventually fell through, Krista had gained a whole new set of skills that enabled her to bring her endless ideas to life!

While learning to code, Krista volunteered with the LA chapter of Girl Develop It as their conference coordinator. She loved everything GDI stood for and wanted to empower women who were just like her not too long ago with little to no coding knowledge. Krista now works for a cell phone forensics software company and is passionate about helping women not only gain technical skills to stay competitive in an ever evolving world, but also gain a sense of community and confidence.