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Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is a self-described hobby coder. More than 5 years ago she happened upon an HTML tutorial that changed her life. Having no previous knowledge of coding or even a desire to develop websites, she navigated through the tutorial out of curiosity. And then it happened. The moment she saw "Hello World!" display in her browser she was hooked.

Her new found hobby took her down a path that led her to an AS degree from the Art Institute and a summer internship with Purple Pen Productions. She eventually made her way to a Girl Develop It meetup in L.A. and knew she had found her tribe. After more than a year of helping to organize classes and running social media for the Los Angeles chapter, Girl Develop It announced that a new chapter would be coming to Orange County.

Michelle continues to practice coding and web development as a hobby. She hopes to be a model for others to see that coding can still be a passion even when it's not your career.