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Chapter Leaders

Sarah kahn

Sarah Kahn

Sarah Kahn is a rogue librarian turned UX/UI developer. She went to grad school at the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she realized that people are more interesting than books.

She has been designing and building web application interfaces since 2008. Over the years she has gained a variety of experience in interaction design, usability evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research, and assessing web accessibility.

She currently is a Senior UX Designer at Deutsche Bank. Her previous work has been at places like Adzerk, NC LIVE, and She also is a co-founder at Fogbeam Labs.

Sylvia richardson

Sylvia Richardson

Sylvia Richardson is a researcher and web developer based in Durham, NC. Her background is in special libraries. She is interested in emerging web technologies, accessibility, and usability. Sylvia loves to help introduce people to new technologies, and is excited about the chance to help more women join the Triangle's vibrant tech community.

Basia coulter

Basia Coulter

A neurobiologist and researcher turned web designer, Basia has found her professional niche in UX/UI design and development for education. Passionate about the mission of Girl Develop It, Basia is enthusiastic about making impact in tech education and empowering women to grow their technical skills. She currently works as a UX/UI designer at Scaling Up Digital Design Studies group at North Carolina State University, College of Education.

Julia elman

Julia Elman

Julia Elman is a designer, developer, author and public speaker from the Python community. She has been working her brand of web skills since 2002. Her first dive into Python was at World Online in Lawrence, Kansas in 2008, as a Junior Developer/Designer. More recently, she co-authored "Lightweight Django" for O’Reilly Media in November 2014. Julia also focuses computer science in education and has helped establish several groups and programs to teach computer science to adults and teens. In January 2013, she helped start a local chapter of Girl Develop It whose focus is to empower women through code. GDIRDU has grown to over 1,000 members, taught over 100 classes to help empower women through coding and is celebrating its second anniversary. She currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC with her family. You can follow her @juliaelman.


The Instructors

Amy hendrix

Amy Hendrix

Amy Hendrix is a Front-End Developer and Open-Source advocate based in Durham, NC. In her years of web work, she has worked with a wide variety of languages and technologies, ranging from HTML/CSS and JavaScript to PHP, Ruby and Python. Amy is dedicated to building a web that is beautiful, useful, and accessible to everyone. She's equally in love with teaching and empowering others to be a part of building it.

Caleb smith

Caleb Smith

In his youth, Caleb began programming text adventures and RPG's in BASIC. More recently, Caleb can be found spending his days writing Python and JavaScript for web applications at Caktus Consulting Group LLC. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys functional programming, music theory and contributing to free and open source software projects. Caleb studied music education in college and especially enjoys mentoring new programmers.

Dan lucas

Dan Lucas

Dan Lucas is a UI & Front-End developer based in Durham, NC with a background in multimedia design and information science. He is obsessed with the interactions between people and computers and strives to make those interactions easier and more useful. Dan has worked in education for most of his career and is excited about the opportunity to help even more people to become more tech saavy.