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Upcoming Events


The Leaders

Basia coulter

Basia Coulter

A neurobiologist and researcher turned web designer, Basia has found her professional niche in UX/UI design and development for education. Passionate about the mission of Girl Develop It, Basia is enthusiastic about making impact in tech education and empowering women to grow their technical skills. She currently works as a UX/UI designer at Scaling Up Digital Design Studies group at North Carolina State University, College of Education.


Amy Gori

Amy works as a web developer for a startup in Durham. She credits Girl Develop It with launching her career in tech after spending most of her professional life in higher education, where she worked with undergraduate students and also wrote a dissertation about Paradise Lost. When she isn’t hacking away in Ruby on Rails or JavaScript, she is busy trying to be a good parent and to find time to cook real food and read real books.

Sarah kahn

Sarah Kahn

Sarah Kahn is a UX Manager at Intel.She has been designing and building web interfaces since 2008. She likes making wireframes and prototypes on lots and lots of grid paper, and purr programming with her cat, Delia. She wrote the GDI UX curriculum, which you can fork here.

Sylvia richardson

Sylvia Pellicore

Sylvia Pellicore is the Web Accessibility Advisor for BCBSNC, making sure their sites and tools work for users of all ability levels. When she is not planning events for Girl Develop It, she likes to run, rock climb, and knit increasingly elaborate scarves.


The Organizers


Suzanne Beaumont

Suzanne is a software developer/software architect with a passion for learning. She has loads of experience with Java and C++, with heart for Internet of Things, contextual computing, and device collaboration. It turns out that she is also really fascinated by user interface design and is so glad that GDI is here to help with some great classes.

Gabe casalett

Gabe Casalett

Gabe is a web designer at the Local Government Federal Credit Union. His background is in IT, and his obsession with the web started over 8 years ago. Today he spends his work days and much of his free time nerding out over HTML/CSS and looking for new things to learn. Gabe is fascinated by new technologies and our daily interactions with them.

Andrus fowler photo

Andrus Fowler

Andrus Fowler is a seasoned Project Manager based in RTP. She has a passion for lean processes, planning and continuous improvement. You can find Andrus most weekends with her arms full of plants from local farmers markets and garden centers, mountain biking, golfing or at a coffee shop with a pile of books and a “To Do” learning checklist.

Jasminegeorge photo

Jasmine George

Jasmine is a Graphics Production Manager at a Raleigh based mom and pop print shop. After graduating with a degree in History, she decided to change gears to become a Graphic Designer and Front End Developer. With the help of GDI she has successfully made this transition and now hopes to help others break into programing. Jasmine also enjoys traveling and taking photos.

Shaun gill

Shaun Gill

Shaun is an IT QC Analyst at a CRO in Morrisville, NC. Working closely with the developers on her team has inspired her to learn all she can about web development. She attended her first GDIRDU Meetup in November of 2015 and thought that is was everything she was looking for. She is so excited about the opportunity to join the team.

Bridget hillyer

Bridget Hillyer

Bridget is a longtime software developer. She has used a number of technologies over the years but is mostly a Clojure developer nowadays. With some friends in 2014, she helped start ClojureBridge. Little known is the fact that her Bachelor's Degree was in Religion and Philosophy.

Lyndsay norris

Lyndsay Norris

A former teacher and personal trainer, Lyndsay is now a web developer at AT&T in RTP. She is very passionate about the mission of Girl Develop It, as the organization and some of its members helped prepare her to make this career change. Lyndsay occasionally TAs for GDI classes and enjoys empowering others to tackle the challenge of learning code.

Jessa pearce

Jessa Pearce

Before becoming a developer, Jessa worked as a lithographer in the U.S. Navy, a reporter and an online marketer. She's interested in tech advocacy and helping introduce women of all ages to programming. If she's not in front of her computer, she's probably cooking, reading or learning more awesome ways to attach metal to itself.

Marjorie sample

Marjorie Sample

Marjorie Sample is a K-5 Writing Specialist and is an advocate for all things tech. Over the past two years, she has organized school-wide events that has introduced coding to over 1,200 elementary school students. GDI has helped her improve her own skills, especially in front-end development.

Elisha schwabauer

Elisha Schwabauer

Elisha went from studying graphic design to front-end engineering thanks to Skillcrush, GDI, and The Iron Yard in Durham. She appreciates being challenged because she believes that’s when the magic of being and creating something inspiring has potential. Outside of loving HTML/CSS she practices yoga, crafting chocolate delicacies, traveling, and has recently taken up running.

Emily stamey

Emily Stamey

Emily is a web developer at NC State who spends her days maintaining and improving legacy applications. She has found a great place for herself in the Girl Develop It and PHP Communities. Bolstered by the supportive community and energized by helping members learn to program, she is also trying new things and learning more each day.

Ruti wajnberg

Ruti Wajnberg

Ruti is a software developer for Smashing Boxes, a product agency in Durham. For the 8 years prior to becoming a developer, she has led Product teams at both early-stage startups and large corporations. When she isn't coding, she can be found outdoors (running, cycling, or hiking), cooking with her farmer's market bounty, attempting to reupholster old furniture, or blogging at Ruti On Rails.


The Instructors

Amy hendrix

Amy Hendrix

Amy Hendrix is a Front-End Developer and Open-Source advocate based in Durham, NC. In her years of web work, she has worked with a wide variety of languages and technologies, ranging from HTML/CSS and JavaScript to PHP, Ruby and Python. Amy is dedicated to building a web that is beautiful, useful, and accessible to everyone. She's equally in love with teaching and empowering others to be a part of building it.

Caleb smith

Caleb Smith

In his youth, Caleb began programming text adventures and RPG's in BASIC. More recently, Caleb can be found spending his days writing Python and JavaScript for web applications at Caktus Consulting Group LLC. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys functional programming, music theory and contributing to free and open source software projects. Caleb studied music education in college and especially enjoys mentoring new programmers.

Dan lucas

Dan Lucas

Dan Lucas is a UI & Front-End developer based in Durham, NC with a background in multimedia design and information science. He is obsessed with the interactions between people and computers and strives to make those interactions easier and more useful. Dan has worked in education for most of his career and is excited about the opportunity to help even more people to become more tech savvy.

Lisa smith

Lisa Smith

Lisa is a former librarian turned web developer. She’s been working online since before there was a Google. Lisa works at New Media Campaigns where she does front-end development for a number of content management systems.

In addition to writing clean, usable code, Lisa cooks and bakes for friends and family, often testing untried recipes on large unsuspecting crowds. She likes Guitar Hero, impromptu living room raves and spending time with her two daughters.

Melissa eggleston

Melissa Eggleston

As a UX researcher and content strategist, Melissa Eggleston helps start-ups, non-profits and other organizations craft memorable digital experiences. In addition to teaching for GDI, Melissa serves on committees for the Triangle UXPA and the Content Strategy Alliance. Previously she worked for Duke University and Bloomberg News. Melissa gained her UX and content skills at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism, where she received her Master's degree.

Rubysinreich headshot square

Ruby Sinreich

Ruby Sinreich is a web developer who has worked in progressive advocacy organizations and online communities for over two decades. She created the first website for the North Carolina Justice Center, was the first online field organizer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, consulted on network-centric organizing strategies for Greenpeace International and the American Civil Liberties Union, and led the development and management of one of the most active Drupal Commons communities in the world at HASTAC.