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Chapter Leaders


Heather Wade

Heather Wade is a software developer and Director of Product Development for Intego. In her spare time, she mentors and consults on product design and development with budding startups. Her first experience with Girl Develop It was as an instructor for our Cincinnati chapter, where her love for helping women learn to code became as great as her love for coding.


Marcy Sutton

Marcy is a developer at Substantial in Seattle. She's passionate about front-end development that's well designed, accessible and mobile friendly. With degrees in Photography and Web Design & Multimedia, her approach to problem-solving is both creative and technical. She's super excited to share her enthusiasm for coding with the ladies of GirlDevelopIt!


The Instructors


Cheri Allen

Cheri Allen is a web developer and educator in Seattle, WA. As Program Coordinator at Ada Developers Academy, a nonprofit web development training program for women, she works to make the tech community more diverse and vibrant, one new developer at a time. In her down time, she does the same, working with Girl Develop It, RailsBridge, King County Library System, and other organizations to bring educational programming about technology to underrepresented groups. She's also really into dinosaurs.


Dallas Tester

Dallas is a web application developer at Starbucks. Prior to joining Starbucks, Dallas worked for Microsoft as a programmer/writer for Office and a Software Development Engineer in Test for Microsoft Games Studios. He was a teaching assistant during his college years helping computer science students learn how to code. Dallas is passionate about helping to develop talent in the technology community and looks forward to teaching classes with Girl Develop It!


Heather Moore

Heather Moore is a software developer and partner at She loves working with early-stage startups and is passionate about eXtreme Programming: testing, pairing and releasing often. Heather first learned Ruby in a RailsBridge class five years ago and is excited to bring her experience to GDI. When she's not writing code, she's either brewing beer or sailing on the Sound.


Wendy Grus

Wendy Grus is a Senior Scientist at Knome Inc, a biotech software startup, where she writes python scripts for genome analysis. She is an active member of the Seattle PyLadies chapter. She advocates that it is never too late to learn new skills. Through her involvement in organizations like Girl Develop It Seattle and Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, she has seen how empowering it can be to develop confidence in women and girls.


Paige Pauli

Paige works full-time as a UX Designer at Simply Measured and, before starting her workday, teaches class each morning on UX and front-end development to high school students at Seattle Academy. She has also been involved with Girl Develop It since the Seattle chapter's launch in May of 2013, and regularly teaches their Beginning and Intermediate HTML & CSS classes, attempting to do her part to close the gender gap in the tech industry.